Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soo Cute!!!!

One of my friends is having a baby next month and last Friday was here baby shower. It was a lot of fun!!!! Making her present was also a lot of fun!!! Here are some pictures.
This is an octopus (for those who can't tell) I made from the colors I found in my huge bin of fabric.
This is a simple tied blanket. Blue because the baby is a boy!!!!!
And here is my wonderful friend Jen with her awesome presents and baby Hiram in her belly. <3 I can't wait to meet him!! <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Challenge complete!

Here they are, the pictures you've all been waiting for! :)

In this first picture you see everything (except for the swimsuit and cover, I'll put those pictures up later). From left to right, first is Chris wearing the vest and necktie. Next to him is Cara, wearing dress C and the jacket. Beside Cara is myself, wearing dress D and the jacket. In front of me is Jonathan wearing the vest and bow tie. Then there is the beautiful bride. Beside her is Juli, wear a dress she bought :( and a jacket I made. It was basically the same pattern but I had to alter it to change the size, and I also finished the end of the sleeve differently. Beside Juli is Christina in dress B with the jacket. And finally, there is Anngie in dress A and the jacket. Don't we all look amazing?

This picture and the one that follows are of the beautiful bride Victoria and her junior bridesmaids plus Juli.

Here is a picture of the happy couple and their nieces and nephews (that were able to attend the wedding).

And I just really liked this picture. Doesn't Anngie look like a model? <3